About Me

Welcome to Balancing Workouts with Wine! The title accurately sums up my attitude towards healthy living. I am a registered dietitian who loves healthy food and a sweaty workout, but I also a good glass of wine…and slice of triple chocolate cake, and juicy cheeseburger and fries, and…you get the point. Some of my favorite foods also include healthier items like salmon, roasted brussel sprouts, banana oatmeal, and peanut butter. In essence I both “live to eat” and “eat to live”.

Eating Cheesecake

I graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics in May of 2014. I hold a dual minor in Psychology and Organizational Leadership Skills. I was accepted into Bowling Green State University in Ohio, for my dietetic internship with a combined masters degree. I recently completed my internship and passed the RD exam this past December and will officially graduate this upcoming May 2016 with my masters! I hold a particular passion for wellness dietetics and working with those suffering from eating disorders. On the fitness side, I am  a Mad Dogg certified spinning instructor and enjoy tons of other physical activity including power yoga and lifting weights.


My goal is to show you that leading a healthy lifestyle does not have to be hard or unsatisfying. You can still have your wine and chocolate cake (whatever that means for you), but you need to balance them out with activity and healthier options most of the time. Eating healthy does not mean plain, lackluster salads topped with vinegar and grilled chicken at every meal. Exercise does not entail spending hours at the gym every day. No, healthy living really means enjoying everything in moderation, including moderation itself.


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