WIAW #7-An Extra Hungry Day

I haven’t done a WIAW post in forever, and yesterday I got inspiration to do so. You see, yesterday was one of those days where I was CONSTANTLY hungry and felt like I was eating ALL THE TIME. Back in the day, I used to try to resist this and would not allow myself to eat more even though my body was crying out for extra fuel. I thought eating more would make me gain weight but that is far from true.

This is one (of the many) reason (s) I do not count calories or advocate counting calories to my clients. The amount of calories you need is not “set” and varies day-to-day based on what you have going on. For instance, how long you are up, your activity level, the amount of stress you are under, how much sleep you got the night before, what was going on the day before and much more.

Some days your body needs more and some days it needs less. It naturally evens out. The absolute worst thing you can do is ignore this and deny your body the energy it needs. This not only makes you miserable, but also messes up your metabolism, which, long –term, can make your body hold on to weight. The best thing you can do you ask? Carefully listen to your body’s signals and answer them.

Don’t let your mind counteract this with thoughts like “I just had a balanced lunch, I can’t be hungry again…I’m going to just ignore it and wait until dinner to eat again” or “I’m only allowed to have two snacks, maybe three tops. If I have a fourth one I’m going to gain weight”. Remember, everyone is different and within that, everyday is different.

As always, remember that the point of WIAW is not to compare your eats to mine, but to gain meal ideas and recipe inspiration. Plus, it’s always fun to get a glimpse into the lives of the bloggers you follow! See what everyone else is eating here and check out more of my own eats here.

With that, let’s get on to yesterdays eat where I demonstrate eating when my body told me.


3am-cherry yogurt with ½ chocolate zucchini muffin

Yes, this is when I knew it would be an “extra fuel” day…I woke up multiple times throughout the night with hunger pains. The first few times I tried to ignore them and just drank a bunch of water because sometimes you could just be dehydrated, especially in the middle of the night. However, the third time I woke up, I knew that was not the case and that my body needed food. So, I got out of bed and sleepily ate a yogurt topped with one of the muffins I made. Recycled photo because that was not on my mind at that point…bed was.


5am-1/2 Larabar

I’m back to teaching spin after a couple month hiatus after graduating at a new gym where I just moved. Even though I had an adequate snack a couple hours before, I knew I needed a bit more to fuel myself through teaching an hour-long class so I went with my usual pre-workout snack of half a bar. Good thing I did because by the time I was done, my stomach was GROWLING and I was more than ready for breakfast.


7:30am-Banana oatmeal topped with peanut butter + iced latte

There’s a Starbucks on my home from the gym (dangerous) so I decided to treat myself to an expensive $5 iced soy latte. When I arrived home I made a delicious bowl of oatmeal










11:45am-Omlette w/veggies and Swiss cheese + roasted broccoli + apple

No picture (bad blogger) because I was so hangry by this point that I scarfed it down before I remembered to take one. I definitely could have done with another AM snack, but was in and out of multiple meetings and just didn’t have the opportunity to grab one in between.

2pm-M&M cookie

It was there, it looked good, it was delicious. No more explanation needed. Again, no picture because it was eaten during a meeting (a RD meeting at that! See even dietitian’s enjoy cookies).

5:30pm-Sloppy Joe sandwich + more yogurt w/a muffin crumbled on top + green bean mustard salad

I also could have done with an afternoon snack, but since I had an earlier dinner on the books I decided to just wait until then to eat again. So by the time that rolled around I was starving again. I felt like this was a pretty large meal, but then I reminded myself, it’s ok to eat larger-than-normal meals if your body needs them.


8:30pm-Bowl of chocolate oatmeal topped w/Greek yogurt

By this point in the evening, I had just gotten home from work and was very tired. This was more of a craving/habit snack since I normally have something to snack on in the evenings. I intended trying to skip it since I wasn’t necessarily “hungry”, but my mouth wanted something sweet to end the night and it would have made me mentally “hungry” and deprived to skip it. So, I had this delicious bowl of chocolate to end the night before turning in and I’m glad I did!


As you can see, this was a day full of food. Some things that could have contributed to the added hunger? Well, I was up early (5am-10pm), had a long work day (10am-8pm full-time job + teaching spin early in the morning), lifted weights the day before for the first time in awhile and was tired from two long days. Plus, there are probably extraneous factors that only my body knows that I am probably not even aware of. So, remember, you are going to have extra hungry days and that’s ok! You are also going to have some days where you naturally eat less so it evens out. Your body is so smart, listen.


2 thoughts on “WIAW #7-An Extra Hungry Day

  1. I most definitely always need something sweet at the end of the night even if I’m not necessarily “hungry” . Mental hunger is totally a thing – and is just as important! Great day of eats and great reminder to just listen to our bodies. Thanks!


    1. Your spot on with the “mental” hunger. It’s important to listen to that too as long as you are in a healthy mentality. I find it beneficial to read posts of other people’s eats who eat maybe “more” than normal sometimes to remind myself that this is natural and GOOD! Your body is an efficient machine. Thanks for the comment and glad it was helpful :).


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