You know the spiel by now: Wednesdays are when we get nosey and look at what different people eat throughout the day. As always, remember that the point of WIAW is not to compare your eats to others, but to gain meal ideas and recipe inspiration. See what everyone else is eating here and check out more of my own eat here.

Pre-workout snack-5:30am

I started my new job as a Wellness Dietitian and thus, my flexible student schedule has gone out the window. I am a working girl now! This means early morning workouts, which means early morning pre-workout fuel. Today was a typical choice for me: a piece of cinnamon raisin toast smeared with some peanut butter.



I rewarded myself for getting a great workout in by 7am with an iced soy latte from Starbucks on my way home from the gym. Finally, my “real” breakfast when I got back was 1.5 banana walnut oatmeal cups (recipe coming soon) topped with more peanut butter and a sliced banana with cinnamon on the side.


I got pretty hungry while working, but lunch was over an hour away so I munched on an apple at my desk while finishing up a project for my upcoming cooking demonstration.



Pizza quinoa plus a side salad (pic taken at home…not THAT comfortable whipping out my camera phone in front of my coworkers yet).



I was on the hospital floor charting on patients until it was time to go home and had early dinner plans so I had half of this Luna bar to hold me over on the drive to the restaurant. It’s not a pretty site if I get ravenous.



For my master’s “final” our teacher decided we should just meet for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. We were all down for that. I ordered a Mexican chopped salad and asked them to add refried beans (because they are my favorite). I rarely order salads while I’m out to eat because I feel like I can make them at home and would rather order something more unique, but this one was FANTASTIC! It was chock full of marinated chicken, refried beans, queso fresco, apples, cucumbers, avocado and corn salsa. I added some additional fresh salsa on top for my “dressing”.

No pic because I was too busy savoring our last time together. It’s been a crazy semester and we all helped each other edit, critique and improve our master’s papers so it was pretty bitter sweet knowing this would likely be our last time together.


No dessert or night-time snack tonight since I ate almost all of my humongous salad! Check out what other people are noshing on here


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