First off, thanks to everyone who sent warm thoughts, comments and wishes my way in regards to this post. It is very, very easy to judge others when it comes to food, exercise and body size. BUT it’s important to recognize that everyone deals with his or her own unique struggles in this realm. I’m glad sharing my own story helped many of you.

I will continue to post occasional updates in regards to my weight-gain experience, but for now, I thought sharing a days worth of eats might be beneficial. This is actually all of today’s meals and snacks. I’ll touch on this in a later post, but it really has surprised me just how quickly my metabolism has caught up to my increased eating schedule! The first few days I definitely had to “force” myself to eat, but now, I find myself hungrier more often and I can eat more at one time than I could before. Yay for fueling your body! It really is so, so SMART! Listen to it!


I had to be on campus early for lab testing as part of my graduate assistantship duties. Participants of the study have to come in fasted, which means an early start time. I didn’t want to waste any sleep so I opted to make some Cherry Vanilla Almond Overnight  oatmeal the night before so I didn’t have to “waste” time cooking in the morning. Plus coffee…always coffee.


Morning snack-10:30am

Banana + chocolate milk. I felt like I was in elementary school with this snack! I love these Horizon Organic milks! They are portable, not too sweet and offer a single-serve portions size which makes them a great option for when your snacking on-the-go.



After getting home from instructing my noon spin class, I was STARVING!! I quickly threw together a homemade black bean burger on a piece of toast with avocado plus a side of sweet potato fries and half an apple. I finished it off with a banana chocolate chip oatmeal cookie! Hunger satisfied.



Afternoon snack-4:30pm

I wasn’t super hungry, but had some more work to do before I could leave campus so I pulled this larabar out from my backpack stash. I highly recommend this flavor! So good and low in sugar given it’s surprisingly chocolat-ey taste.



Leftover Easter ham that I stole from home and froze with roasted Parmesan green beans and mashed potatoes. A total comfort meal that hit.the.spot!


Dessert/night-time snack-TBD

I think I’m feeling some ice cream + chocolate chips! Good thing I just bought some at the store…


Check out what everyone else is eating here and/or my past eats here !


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