Today’s WIAW (a linkup where fellow foodies showcase their daily eats) shows everything I ate yesterday (plus non-pictured copious amounts of H2O). I was on campus pretty much all day and packed my lunch, snacks and dinner. It’s a good example of how you can eat healthy while at work or school all day. All it takes is a little planning the night before.

As always, remember that the point of WIAW is not to compare your eats to mine, but to gain meal ideas and recipe inspiration. Plus, it’s always fun to get a glimpse into the lives of the bloggers you follow! See what everyone else is eating here and check out more of my own eats here.


Pre-workout snack- 5:15am

I had a busy day on campus ahead of me, so I decided to wake up extra early to squeeze in an at-home yoga workout beforehand. I’m the type of person who absolutely NEEDS a little something in my stomach before I workout, no matter how early it is. Today I opted for ½ a pumpkin pie Larabar. It’s energy dense to keep me going, but light enough so as not to weigh me down through all the twists, folds, planks, etc. I do!



I strayed from my usual morning oatmeal because I had an intense craving for a classic pb & j on toast! I paired it with a plum and glass of milk to wash it all down. Perfect.


Mid-morning snack-11am

I felt snacky and slightly hungry mid-morning, but didn’t want to break for lunch quite yet so I ate my emergency “if I get ravenous snack” of an apple.



Shortly after, I was definitely ready for lunch. I packed a large salad with mixed greens and tons of fun toppings including beets, butternut squash, dried cranberries, cucumbers, blue cheese, walnuts, tomatoes and peppers. I topped it all with a chopped chicken thigh (which is a great change up from the usual chicken breast even though it is slightly higher in fat) and tossed it in my homemade balsamic vinaigrette.



I have a night class from 6-9pm on Tuesdays so I usually skip the afternoon snack and just eat an early dinner. Tonight I packed a turkey burger on a piece of toast with avocado (hidden underneath!) plus another salad (that’s already mostly eaten in this pic) similar to the one I had for lunch but without the chicken. I tend to go on vegetable kicks and right now, I’m all about the salad with beets, dried cranberries and blue cheese!


Evening snack/dessert-9pm

After I got home from class, I still had a bit of reading to do and decided I wanted chocolate to make it more bearable. I had a couple handfuls of these dark chocolate caramel pretzels crisps (which are AMAZING and are made with simple, non-funky ingredients). I had the amount pictured X2!



12 thoughts on “WIAW #4

  1. Those pretzel crisps look amazing!
    Now that I discovered how much cheaper chicken thighs are compared to breast, they are my pick! I usually go for the bone-in ones and save even more money.
    What kind of bread did you use for your turkey burger? I love the looks of it.


    1. Plus, the thighs are the perfect size compared to come breasts which are HUGE! The bread is Udi’s gluten free millet and chia! I have a gluten intolerance and it’s my favorite out there! Super wholesome and seedy :).


    1. I am so glad you did too! I have been reading yours for quite some time but have never commented so I’m glad you started the conversation :). Yes, larabars are the best!


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