Today showcases all my eats from yesterday. As I mentioned here, I am back on the healthy eating train after a week of delicious, albeit heavy, food followed by coke and saltines when I got sick towards the end of my trip. Read more about the premise behind WIAW here and remember, the goal is NOT TO COMPARE YOURSELF to others. Without further adieu, here we go!

Breakfast: 7am

Banana oatmeal in an almost empty peanut butter jar (alternatively titled: Oats In A Jar or OIAJ). This is a great way to get all the peanut butter goodness without wasting any!


Lunch: 11:30am

Turkey meatloaf muffins + 1/2 baked sweet potato w/ cinnamon + & Parmesan garlic roasted brussel sprouts. All of which I prepped this past Sunday, which was awesome to simply pack up and go with for a busy day on campus.


Snack: 3pm

Strawberry Greek yogurt + 1 Nature Valley crunchy honey granola bar crumbled on top.


Dinner: 5:30pm

Salmon burger wrap w/ pepper jack cheese & veggies + carrots + a 100 calorie individual guacamole cup (found at Costco!) which I dipped both the carrots and my wrap in.


Snack/Dessert: 9pm

A simple Pink Lady apple topped w/ cinnamon. Sometimes I want ice cream the size of my head and sometimes a simple piece of fruit is exactly what I crave. It’s just a matter of really listening to your body.


See what everyone else is eating here!


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