Here’s another example of everything I eat and drink in a typical day. Read more about the details here. Remember, the goal is NOT TO COMPARE yourself to others. We all have different lifestyles, calorie needs, activity levels and food preferences.

Without further adieu, here is WIAW round two. These showcase my eats (and drinks) from Wednesday.

Breakfast 7am:

Apple pie oatmeal with a big, melty spoonful of almond butter + coffee

Even on the days I don’t have class, I can only “sleep in” until the late hour of 6:45am.



KIND bar

I instruct a 45 minute spin class at noon on Wednesdays so I always have a pre-workout snack beforehand to keep me fueled and to prevent me from eating my entire fridge when I get home. This flavor is AWESOME!


Lunch -1:30pm

Leftover roasted veggies + 2 fried eggs + hummus

Random, but delicious, nutritious and filling. I wanted to clean out the contents of my fridge.



Salmon burger w/cheese and guac + baked sweet potato + steamed veggies

No afternoon snack needed since I had to have an early dinner due to graduate assistantship work I had to do back on campus. Again, something fast and easy.



Yogurt + granola + raisins

Early dinner definitely means a nighttime snack!



And there you go! This represents a typical day for me. I usually gravitate towards 3 meals and 2-3 snacks throughout the day. It’s really important to eat regularly to keep that metabolism going. Obviously this changes on the day, my appetite, and what’s going on too so it’s important to always LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!!

See what everybody else is eating here!


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