Banana Bread Overnight Oats & Breakfast Challenge

Overnight oats are an awesome make-ahead breakfast you can simply grab-and-go with on those busy mornings. They’re super easy and really, really filling thanks to all the fabulous protein coming from the oats, flaxseed, milk and Greek yogurt. Similarly, they’re packed with fiber, which slows down digestion and provides you with lasting energy. Not to mention, their creamy chewy texture is to die for. It reminds me of oatmeal cookie dough!

Making these is a way better option than grabbing a donut or skipping breakfast altogether before work/school/whatever. No more excuses. All you have to do it combine the ingredients overnight, wake up stir in a few more and run out the door. You can even prepare them in a to-go container so you’re all set!

Here is one of my favorite overnight oatmeal creations. More variations coming at ya soon as I embark on a little “breakfast challenge”. I want to get out of the habit of eating the same few breakfasts everyday and want to test out and share a few new morning recipes with you all. My goal is to try at least one new breakfast recipe each week and (if they turn out good) to post it. Hold me to it!

If your in a breakfast rut too, or just want to try spice up your “most important meal of the day” routine, I invite you to join in the challenge with me and share any new recipes you try or old favorites you enjoy on the regular in the comments section below. We can all get ideas from each other!

Question: What’s your favorite go-to healthy breakfast? 


Banana Bread Overnight Oats

Serves 1


½ C old-fashioned oats

½ Tbs. ground flaxseed (optional)

½ C milk

¼ C plain Greek yogurt*

¼ tsp. vanilla**

1 banana

1 Tbs. dried cherries

½ Tbs. liquid sweetener (agave, honey, or maple syrup)**



Mash half of the banana in a bowl and add oats, flaxseed, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and sweetener. Put in the refrigerator overnight, or for at least a couple hours to allow oats to soak up the liquid and soften.

The next morning (or several hours later) stir in the yogurt and top with the other banana half and dried cherries. Add additional toppings if desired (i.e. nuts, other fresh/dried fruit, etc.). Enjoy!

*can sub vanilla Greek yogurt for plain

**if subbing vanilla yogurt, don’t add additional vanilla or sweetener

IMG_1249 (1)


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