Health Confessions of a *Soon-To-Be* Registered Dietitian

When I’m out to eat, I rarely substitute a side salad for fries

I love me a good French fry and although they aren’t the healthiest option, they sure are tasty. Since I don’t eat out too often, I order whatever I want when I do, including French fries. Plus, let’s be honest, although homemade baked “fries” are good, there’s no substitute for the original deep-fried version (doused in ketchup of course).

Fries with a side of sandwich please.
Fries with a side of sandwich please.

Some days, the most physical activity I get is walking to the bathroom and back

Although I love me a good sweat sesh and thrive off of regular workouts, sometimes a movie marathon on the weekend is exactly what the doctor ordered. Remember, rest days are necessary for muscle recovery!

 I only eat dessert if there’s lots of chocolate involved

Some people are satisfied with a piece of fruit or yogurt for dessert. I am not one of those people. If I get dessert, I go all out, and the more chocolate the better! My best friends know, I judge an ice cream shop based on whether or not they serve hot fudge and I go to the Cheesecake Factory every year for my birthday. Portion control goes out the window when I get dessert, because I just want to enjoy it. Strawberry shortcake? No. Triple chocolate decadence cake with extra whipped cream? HECK. YES.

Takeout chocolate cake to satisfy my choco craving

Sometimes I drink too much

Not in the alcoholic sense by any means, but in the sense that I love splitting a tasty bottle of wine with a good girlfriend or hitting the local bars every once and awhile. Sometimes this leads to a couple extra drinks (and a few hundred extra calories) that I don’t need, but the laughter and great memories are completely worth it to me. Even the rough morning the day after.

Extra large bottle of Pino was necessary while vacationing in Florida.
Extra large bottle of Pino was necessary while vacationing in Florida.

…And sometimes I eat food I regret later on as a result

AKA drunk food. Case in point: an entire small pepperoni pizza on homecoming a couple weeks ago. Stomach cramps for dayyys after that one.

An impressive feat.
An impressive feat.

Even I have negative body-image days

Despite the fact that I am at a healthy weight, even I have days where I feel bloated, soft or just plain BLAH! Whether it be from the aforementioned consumption of too much food or beverage, stress, lack of exercise or mother nature’s monthly gift, no one is immune to these, myself included.

The point of this post being, even I, a promoter of good health, am no health angel. Nor should you expect yourself to be one. Life is too short not to order that delicious spaghetti carbonara at your favorite Italian spot or to blow off drinks with friends to fit in your scheduled leg day workout. As long as you choose healthy choices most of the time, those indulgences completely balance out and make life SO much more enjoyable!


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