One common question all dietitians and nutrition students get asked is “well, what do you eat?!”. Everyone wants to know what health nuts eat or don’t eat on a regular basis. At restaurants and family gatherings, our dining partners constantly scrutinize and analyze each bite we take.

While this can be annoying at times, I see it as a valuable learning opportunity for the general public. Although our lives center around promoting fruits, vegetables, whole grains and all that jazz, above all, we emphasize balance, a concept many people struggle with. To show you this, I want to start a new series showcasing everything I eat in a day. Sometimes this will include a days worth of stereotypical health food like kale salads, grilled salmon and hummus. Other days, which may be of surprise to some of you, will feature a burger & fries, ice cream sundaes and/or multiple adult beverages.

The goal of this is not to compare, judge or restrict your eats based on mine. Everyone’s needs, preferences and lifestyles are different. The point is to show you that even healthy individuals eat “unhealthy” foods every now and then. Similarly, some days I eat more than others depending on how hungry I am, my schedule, if I workout, etc. Again, the key is balance, which is what I aim to portray and teach you through this little blog of mine.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what I ate yesterday through RD Eats numero uno.

Pre-workout snack: 5:45am

I prefer to workout bright n’ early in the mornings and always need a little something to get me through my workouts. Before teaching spin, I had half of this KIND bar. It had just the right amount of carbs, fat and protein to hold me over until my real breakfast.


Breakfast: 8am

My usual banana oatmeal topped with a big spoonful of almond butter. Paired with a homemade iced latte.


Lunch: 12pm

I was on campus doing graduate assistantship work all day yesterday so lunch was packed and eaten at the union between meetings. A large salad packed with plenty of the good stuff: chicken, avocado, dried cranberries, various veggies and light Italian dressing. A handful of gluten-free crackers dipped in hummus on the side.


Snack: 3:30pm

A fresh apple I got from apple picking a week ago paired with my favorite brand of vanilla Greek yogurt.


Dinner: 6:30pm

I came home for the weekend (my mom and I are going zip lining tomorrow!) and my dad and I went out for Mexican food. We started with the obligatory chips and salsa and also ordered (un-pictured) guacamole which was made fresh right in front of us. To drink, I got a Texas margarita, because, well, you can’t go out to a Mexican restaurant without ordering one. Am I right or am I right?! For my entrée, I ordered the chicken enchiladas covered with queso (yummm) with a side of rice. After copious amounts of guacamole and chips, I managed to house two out of the three enchiladas and most of the rice.


So there you have it. Today was the perfect way to kick start this series. It was a great combination of health and indulgence. The key being, everything balances out in the end. I hope your as excited for this series as me! Please, feel free to comment below with any comments or questions as always.


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